What you will receive

We can produce your product for you with the ingredients you supply, or you can send RTD (ready to drink) product and we can, can it from there. We do not formulate products, but can provide contacts for you upon request.

We will then put your product in cans and send them to cold storage if they are cold chain or to the retort to be shelf stable.

The retort acts as a kill step to kill any microorganisms or bacteria that could be present so that your product can have a longer shelf life and be able to be on a shelf instead of in a fridge.

Our lab will do final product specs on your product once it goes through the retort to make sure everything is in line with the flavor profile you selected.

After the retort, the cans will come back to the line to be labeled. We can do both pressure sensitive labels as well as shrink sleeves. We can provide contacts to produce labels upon request.

We have different case sizes, so based on the size you chose we will put your canned product into cases and shrink wrap them. We will then palletize them and hold them until you are ready to pick them up.

If it is necessary, we can store your product in house until you are ready for it. We charge a storage fee of $25 per pallet, per month that it is in our facility after the first 30 days.